Note: If you have friends/family reserving through you, please advise them of the rules! 

EZ Camp Rules and Guidelines
Oregon Country Gathering, LLC

The rules are in place for all of us to have a Great & safe time at the fair.

helping someone sneak in, you are both GONE!!!!


1. Prohibited Items on Camp Property.

* NO Animals of any kind are allowed on EZ Camp property..

* NO fires/fireworks, amplifiers, alcohol, drugs & weapons on EZ Camp property.

2. Wristbands and Children.

* Wristbands that are stretched, damaged, or lost must be re-purchased.

* Wristbands must be shown to enter the EZ Camp property.

* Children (anyone under 18) Must be accompanied by an adult to enter the EZ Camp property.

Please know where your children are at all times.

3. Prohibited Activities.

* Illegal Activity is NOT allowed & will be dealt with by the local Law Enforcement.

* Vending is not allowed unless authorized by EZ Camp Management.

4. Maintaining Camp Site.

* Please use the Recycle & Garbage Cans that are available. Pick up & keep your camp site clean.

5. Camp Site Traffic.

* EZ Camp entrance for vehicles will be monitored & closed to vehicle traffic 10pm – 7am.

* Please plan to stay parked for your duration.

* In & out traffic is limited, but allowed. Please do not plan to be driving in and out between 10pm and 7am.

* Please drive slow. Speed limit is 5 miles per hour on the driveway and slower in camp site areas.

6. Safety and Courtesy to Others.

* Lock up your valuables. Camp Management is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

* The North side of field’s A & C have hot wires on the fence. Signs are posted!

* Be aware of fire danger!!! Smokers please use graveled-gathering areas for smoking.

* Be respectful to other campers. Keep your noise down while celebrating. Quiet time in camp sites 10pm - 8am.

Gathering area closes at midnight and music ends at 10:30pm.

7. Foot Gate.

* Foot gate at Bus Road opens 9:30am on Friday, It is constantly monitored while it is open.

Must have an Ez Camp bracelet to enter through this gate No Exceptions.

* Vehicles are NEVER allowed through the foot gate.

8. After-Hours Tow.

* Vehicles left after 12pm on Monday will be towed at vehicle owner’s expense. 


We are here for you to have an EZ, enjoyable,

safe time at the Oregon Country Fair!

Oregon Country Fair, Friday - Sunday
Hope to see you the 2nd weekend in July!
 (541) 953-8463

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